What is AS9120?

Suppliers of aerospace industry products face a number of unique challenges to ensure they are delivering the highest quality materials to their customers. AS 9120 certifications were designed to provide aerospace suppliers and distributors with all they need to develop quality management practices.

The primary focus of AS 9120 certifications is on ensuring product safety and reliability through traceability, chain of custody and inventory controls and proper documentation.

Registration Challenges

AS 9120 certifications and standards are essentially enhanced version of the ISO 9001 standard, which was developed to provide management systems conformity standards for a broad range of industries. Because AS 9120 certifications contain all the provisions of ISO 9001 plus aerospace industry-specific standards, they can pose additional challenges when seeking registration.

NQA, which is regarded as the "aerospace registrar" around the globe, provides the expertise and guidance necessary to help companies of all sizes complete the registration process.

What Can Attaining AS 9120 Certifications Mean for Your Business?

AS 9120 certifications are important for your business for a number of reasons. For one, you'll establish your company as a reputable supplier to customers located around the world, allowing them to buy with complete confidence.

You'll also improve your risk management practices through the development of process consistency. AS 9120 certifications help ensure compliance with any pertinent regulatory practices, so you'll reduce your risk of unintentionally violating any laws. You can reduce operating costs by developing more streamlined and efficient management practices. Finally, you can gain more business by being able to bid on projects that require AS 9120 certifications.

NQA's Auditors are Uniquely Qualified to Provide AS 9120 Certifications Guidance

NQA USA's auditing staff includes more than 40 auditors with extensive experience in aerospace standards compliance. The auditors are located throughout the country, ensuring you receive localized auditing services.

Auditors use a combination of on-site visits and offsite document reviews to perform the most comprehensive audit possible. At the conclusion of the audit, the auditors will leave behind a report documenting their findings and recommendations, whether your business meets the standards to receive AS 9120 certifications or needs to make management system modifications.

We have written this Aerospace Guidance Document to help you understand the registration process.

Download a PDF file of the Aerospace Registration Services.

Page content updated on 4/9/2014