NQA AS9110 Services

What is it?

AS9110B (also referred to as AS9110:2012) is the standard that was developed by aerospace professionals to meet the specific requirements of Aerospace Maintenance Organizations. AS9110B incorporates the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and specifies additional requirements for a quality management system for Aerospace Maintenance Organizations that must maintain or repair aviation or aerospace related products. The requirements emphasized in AS9110B are complementary to the contractual and applicable law and regulatory requirements

Why change to AS9110B?

Certifying your company to AS 9110B will assure your Quality Management System includes customer requirements that will meet regulatory and/or contractual needs that may affect maintenance performed on any aviation or commercial product. Organizations that are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration or organizations that perform maintenance on aerospace products by contract to government, commercial or private industry typically use this standard.

Benefits of AS9110B

Certification to AS9110B will communicate to the Aerospace industry and your customers that your organization is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of service and continually focus on improving your customer satisfaction. AS9110:2009 will assist in regulatory compliance for those companies required to maintain repair station certificates issued by the Federal Aviation Administration or other Civil Aviation Authority. This assistance is realized through identification of deficiencies discovered during the internal audit program and registrar audits required to maintain AS9110B certification.

Utilizing vendors that are AS9110B certified may potentially decrease costs to perform vendors audits through the analysis of audits reported.

Why use NQA, USA for AS9110:2012?

NQA, USA is one of the first registrars to offer the benefits of AS9110B for the Aerospace Industry. The NQA, USA Aerospace Auditor Staff has a diverse background that ranges from Aerospace manufacturing through all aspects of in service operations and maintenance. The audit staff expertise was built after many years of experience in research and development of new products and experience in compliance with regulatory or governmental procedures.

We have written this Aerospace Guidance Document to help you understand the registration process.

FAA Advisory Circulars

The following publications of the FAA either reference ISO 9000 or describe the requirements of a quality management system similar to the requirements of ISO 9000. They are available from

AC 120-79, Developing and Implementing a Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System.

AC 145-9, Guide for Developing and Evaluating Repair Station and Quality Control Manuals

AC 145-5, Repair Station Internal Evaluation Programs

Download a PDF file of the Aerospace Registration Services.

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