What is AS9100?

NQA is the Aerospace Registrar

In the aerospace industry, AS 9100 is the aerospace industry-specific standard relating to ISO 9001 conformity, as it includes all ISO 9001 provisions, as well as a number of additional aerospace-related qualifiers. NQA is recognized as the "aerospace registrar" because of its proficiency in helping aerospace industry companies obtain AS 9100 registration.

AS 9100 Basics

AS 9100 is published by the Society of Automotive Engineers, an international association of engineering professionals in industries such as aerospace, automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturing. AS 9100 has been endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration as the recognized quality standard for the aerospace industry.

We have written this Aerospace Guidance Document to help you understand the registration process.

Benefits of AS 9100 Registration

Although AS 9100 registration in no way guarantees the quality level of the products or services an aerospace-related business supplies to its customers, it does ensure the management systems a company implements conform to industry standards.

When customers realize a company has attained AS 9100 registration, they can purchase parts or related products with a greater degree of confidence. AS 9100 registration can benefit organizations of any size and regardless of whether they transact business in the public, private or government sectors.

Choosing NQA as Your Aerospace Registrar

NQA has earned its status of the aerospace registrar of choice through its unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations. NQA employs a staff of more than 40 highly qualified aerospace auditors who are uniquely familiar with the aerospace registration process. You'll receive support and guidance throughout the entire AS 9100 registration process from AS 9100 to AS 9120, as well as continuing support after registration to ensure continued compliance.

High Client Retention Rate

Despite the fact NQA works on an "at will" basis, meaning our clients are not contractually obligated to continue our services, our client attrition rate is only two percent. Our average customer satisfaction rating is 4.75 on a scale of 5, an indicator of how strongly our clients believe in the value of the registration services provided by NQA.

Download this PDF file which summarizes NQA's Aerospace Registration Services.

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